Sample Of Lesson

What Lessons Are Included?

All lessons in AE Leap are made with Avid Media Composer.

NOTE: Avid Media Composer has recently undergone a user interface update.  These changes do not affect the educational value of this training series.  AE Leap is designed for Assistant Editors who have basic fundamental knowledge of Avid Media Composer and desire to learn more about the scripted television workflow.  Professional software changes regularly, but many of the tools and features remain the same with each new update.  

Your purchase of AE Leap includes all of the lessons and materials below.  You will receive a download link for a zip file that contains quicktime movies, document files and helpful folder structures.  This is truly the program I wish I had before my first scripted gig and it's the equivalent of about 2 full days of job shadow training.  No workplace interruptions, no delays, and you'll have the benefit of going through every process step by step.  For the best experience, watch each lesson in order from the beginning to the end.  Thank you for your interest and I hope it serves you well!   

1.) Getting the Job

2.) Before the First day

3.) Creating your Project

4.) Bringing in the Dailies

5.) Labeling The Dailies Clips

6.) Organizing Binders

7.) Grouping Clips

8.) Importing Avid Scripts

9.) Scripting

10.) Temp VFX Work Part 1 of 2

11.) Temp VFX Work Part 2 of 2

12.) Temp Sound Work

13.) Formatting a Locked Cut

14.) Turnovers for Sound

15.) Turnovers for Music

16.) Turnovers for Online

17.) Turnovers for VFX

18.) Final Paperwork

19.) Conclusion

BONUS: Render Drive Folder Structure Organization Template

BONUS: Turnover Manual and Example Paperwork

That's all folks!