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Become a Scripted Television Assistant Editor

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Get the Job

That's right!  AE Leap training will teach you the best methods for landing the scripted television assistant editing jobs you've always wanted.  Here's a clue: it won't be from a job website.  Hard work is involved, but that doesn't mean it won't be fun.

Know the Workflow

Scripted television post production has its own unique workflow.  Organizing dailies, updating script binders and paperwork, manually scripting (Scriptsync) in Avid, VFX and sound design are all a part of that workflow.  AE Leap truly covers each step of the process and offers time-saving advice along the way.

Finish Strong

After a cut is locked, the work isn't done for scripted Assistant Editors.  All elements of the show need to be provided to the other post production departments for finishing.  This turnover process is rarely taught in schools and other training series.  Don't worry!  AE Leap has got you covered.

Are You Ready?

AE Leap is perfect for the Reality TV Assistant Editor or Film Student ready break into Scripted Television.

AE Leap is great! Quick, easy to digest episodes that cut out all the fluff and get right to the meat of what you need to get started working in scripted. If you want to look knowledgeable and professional as an Assistant editor, Blake does a great job of preparing you with this series!

Matthew Farrugia

Blake is an amazing instructor. He has a ton of experience in the industry and is able to pass along that knowledge in an effective way. He has helped me immensely in my own career.

Brittany Joyner